VTA Rules

  • Touring Car 4WD/AWD only

  • Full Time 4WD/AWD

  • Spools allowed

  • NO “1-way” diffs or pulley systems are allowed

  • Any VTA body from the USVTA list

  • Interior and Driver optional

  • PROTOform VTA tiresus

  • 2s Blinky ESC

  • 2s battery

  • Maximum 6000 mAh

  • 25.5 ROAR compliant motor

  • Open FDR/Roll-out

  • Minimum ride height 5 mm

  • Minimum weight 1400 grams

All cars must conform to appearance, radio, general, battery and motor rules and comply with the ‘spirit’ of your class. All decisions of the track/race director organizing a race concerning appearance and 'spirit' are final.

See ‘Track Rules and Etiquette’ for more information.

Race Place RC reserves the right to update these rules.